Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doing Things Differently

So, I have been thinking lately ... how do I make this blog different from all the other Catholic blogs? We already have priests, lay men and women, professors, seminarians, and journalists among others. I'm just an ordinary person with an interest in theology particularly as it is connected to Scripture.

So, I got to thinking that in the spirit of Neuhaus and Colson, I would invite friends of mine from the other side of the divide, so to speak, to make contributions. The first contributing author is Stephen Hamilton, a member of Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia and a student at a New England college(so he can be closer to the Puritans, he says). Stephen and I are old friends, and have had many interesting conversations about our two different traditions: while I do not agree with his Calvinist theology, and he does not agree with my Catholic theology, we nevertheless have learned a lot from each other.

It goes without saying that even though he will be contributing that doesn't imply that he and I are in agreement on our posts. We agree to disagree (trite though that phrase is) in a spirit of Christian love. I think you will find his perspective interesting, and if this experiment works, then I might be inviting other guest authors from other traditions to also share their thoughts here.

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