Wednesday, December 14, 2005

BBC NEWS | Politics | Kennedy told to improve or resign

BBC NEWS | Politics | Kennedy told to improve or resign

(I'm making this post to make sure I can use the "blog this" part of a firefox extension.)

This is rather large news for Kennedy. Mind you, I miss Paddy Pantsdown ...

Anyway, some things that struck me ...

Mr Kennedy was confronted at a meeting of the Lib Dem "shadow cabinet" by critics who believe the party is drifting and he must get a grip.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Kennedy countered by telling them that he intended to stay on and if they were not happy they should resign.

Allies and critics agreed Mr Kennedy was now "on probation".?

The idea that Kennedy is on probation strikes me as interesting. On its own it means little, but ...

The Times newspaper says criticisms of Mr Kennedy have prompted Lib Dem chief whip Andrew Stunnell to take soundings among the frontbenchers on whether he retains their confidence and how the tensions can be resolved.

And that, I think is big. Maggie knew she was in trouble when the soundings didn't go her way ... Could the same happen to the Lib Dem leader? Remains to be seen.

(Anyway, just a ramble to test the feature.)

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