Thursday, December 29, 2005

Papal Retrospectives

NPR, this morning, had a look back at Benedict's papacy so far. Essentially the argument goes that he's confounding his opponents, because he's playing to both sides. I think it's silly, but it indicates that National Public Broadcasting, in its desire to be "fair" to both sides, sometimes has to contrive some pretty ridiculous conclusions in order to fit that mold.

A better look at the Pontiff can be found at the Beeb.

I think it's also clear that Benedict is confounding people, because he lives the Gospel so completely. Modernity tells us that the Gospel message is an impossible ideal which cannot be attained. But the previous Pontiff and the present both belie that "fact". Benedict invites Hans Küng to dinner, precisely because he loves Herr Küng as a brother. There's no mystery here. Called to be Pope, he is living the way Christ calls for in the Gospels.

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