Thursday, December 29, 2005

On Heresies and Schism

NPR's All Things Considered ran a story on the diocese of San Bernadino trying an ex-priest for heresy, and with the stories of St Stanislaus Parish in St Louis had me thinking ...

And it reinforces to me ...And it reinforces to me the fact that the Church is experiencing very troubled times. What the Church needs more than ever is renewal: genuine, authentic renewal of wholehearted following of the Gospel in union with the Holy Father and the Magesterium. I know that's not something people like to hear these days. Much like the so-call "Spirit of Vatican II" the word "renewal" has been co-opted by people who mean for the Church to go in a radically different direction than the one intended for it by God.

But, there is something all of us can do. At the simplest level, we must all pray fervently. All of these crises brought to mind, Fr Groeschel's book The Rosary: Chain of Hope. This book is a must-have tool in the drive to repair the rifts in the Church. Meditate on Fr. Groeschel's words for each Mystery, and make it a fervent part of your daily rosary prayers. This, more than anything else, will bring about genuine renewal of the Church.


Chaz said...

Stanislaus has not foot to stand on where canon law is concerned. The amusing thing is that their approach to their conflict with the archbishop is very Lutheran. :-)

Oggie said...

One thing's for certain; it's all very sad and unnecessary. But then that can be said about all the divisions in Christianity, to one degree or another.