Monday, December 26, 2005

Ganguly Misses Game for Home State of Bengal

Indian selectors are seeking an explanation from former captain Saurav Ganguly for not turning out for his home state Bengal in a round of the national championship that began on Sunday.

The chairman of selectors, Kiran More, told Reuters on Monday that Ganguly's failure to heed instructions to play the state's game ahead of the Pakistan tour was worrying the selectors.

The story from Reuters.

Kiran More, chief of selectors, has asked ...

Kiran More, chief of selectors, has asked for an explanation. He's upset with the reason given for missing the match:
More was unhappy with the reason given for Ganguly missing the match. Pranob Roy, Cricket Association of Bengal chairman of selectors, and Sardindu Pal, the CAB secretary, said that they were unable to contact Ganguly. "Pronab did not know where Sourav is. I also spoke to Paras Mhambrey [Bengal coach], but he too was clueless and did not know how to contact Sourav. This is really surprising. There is nothing like match practice and since we have just one tour game in Pakistan, it would have helped Sourav if he had played the match."

But the BCCI will not be asking for an explanation.


Mr. Alias said...

Ganguly didn't do shit in the last World Cup anyway. I always thought he was over-rated and don't much care if the Indian Selectors ditch him.

Oggie said...

What's your overall view of the state of Indian Cricket, in general?