Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Polish government criticised for Iraq troops decision

Poland announces it will keep its troops in Iraq, albeit reduced in number.

Marcinkiewicz announced yesterday that his conservative minority government had asked President Lech Kaczynski to keep Polish troops in Iraq for another year, reversing plans by the previous government to bring them home in January.

However, it's causing ...However, it's causing considerable friction from across the political spectrum.

[F]ormer defence minister, Bronislaw Komorowski of the centre-right Civic Platform, said Poland had fulfilled its obligations in Iraq “110 per cent”.

“I find no justification for our further presence,” he said.


The left-leaning daily newspaper Trybuna said Marcinkiewicz’s Cabinet was “driven by servility toward the USA,” and warned that the decision increases threats to Poland and weakens its position in the European Union.

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